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Watch Bethany Williams recent TEDx talk on keeping your job in this temultuous market. It explores the ways that we inadvertinly do things that could cost us our jobs titled, 'How to Lose a Job in 5 Ways' in a power packed 12 minutes.

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Stop Nurturing, Start Leading YOUR WAY to SUCCESS

You must stop nurturing and start leading to have the career and impact that you so desperately desire and deserve. It is time for you to claim your power as leaders. It is time for you to move into positions of leadership. You were taught to nurture and take care of everyone.

To you, winning isn’t your #1 priority. You aren’t driven by the pure need to be #1 and to make a lot of money like the men that surround you at work. Men are seeking money and power. You want recognition, freedom, and to make an impact on the world around you. You want to change lives. You are a natural nurturer. You want to take care of those around you and make the world a better place in the process.

You are driven by a goal to sustain, to meet the needs of your children and families, and you feel comfortable ‘getting by’.

Success to you is when you have adequately cared for your loved ones and worked in a meaningful job where you received recognition. Your biggest concern is often ‘not being fired or laid off’. You live in ‘sustain’ mode. You are loyal to a fault-- worried about what would happen to the company without you and living in fear of losing your job.

It’s time to change your main focus from YOUR COMPANY to YOU. It is time to put YOU #1.

It is ok to have a different agenda than the men that surround you at work. You can have a different motivation. Having a different agenda doesn’t mean that you can’t step to the forefront, and be #1.

It is time for you to change your mindset. I want you to stop nurturing others and START LEADING. This is about accepting your move into a leadership role. It is about claiming your power. Leading will allow you to help people. Leading will make it possible for you to make the work world a better place for women, single parents, and others that don’t fit into the mold of the workers that built the system that you now work in. You need to be in leadership to change the world around you and enable better leadership at the company you now work.

I’ve done the same thing. I’ve spent years accepting #2 roles. I’ve fallen into ‘follow’ mode rather than ‘LEAD’ mode. I’ve let others set my path and paint my journey. If you want to make an impact, you’ve got to take the lead.

This is more than just ‘Leaning in’ to your career. This is about putting yourself at the head of the class. This is about claiming your power. This is about JUMPING IN HEAD FIRST and swimming, not dipping your toe in the water. This is about finding your voice. This is about setting a path THAT YOU WANT TO FOLLOW AND THEN achieving recognition, freedom and IMPACT on that path. This is about applying for positions and accepting leadership roles even though you have a myriad of doubts that are HOLDING YOU BACK. You may have doubts about how you will manage the details, about whether or not you can really do it, and about how you will do it all and succeed at work as well. You can. You really can and until you try, you are holding yourself back without proof that you can’t do it. You are believing your own lies.

With more income will come a respite, a relief, and a reprieve that you can’t yet imagine. Things get easier, not harder. You will be able to hire help to do domestic duties. You can spend more time doing the things that you value, time with your family, your passions and your special interests and charitable causes. Rising to the TOP will not be MISERABLE. It will be AMAZING! What would you do with two or three times your salary. It is possible, and even realistic to attain. You will not attain it without a shift in mindset and a core belief system that says, it’s possible.

Consider these 3 very important ‘go forward’ facts:

1. You must make a decision to ‘DO IT’. Decide where you want to be – today- - do it now. Take action before you talk yourself out of it.

2. You must then TAKE ACTION. Begin to apply for positions/projects/jobs and careers that you are interested in and yearning for. Why not?

3. Don’t Stop to Think About it. Do not let fear hold you back. Fear can only hold you back IF YOU LET IT.

Set aside your fears, expose those faulty belief systems and constraints in your mind AND RUN after this new reality.

My pyramid to success contains 6 platforms that MOVE YOU to this new reality and will put you into a position to increase your worth and claim your power.

Start today.

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